Aliens: Large-scale Derelict Ship set piece from Aliens

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Aliens: Making Aliens

  • Proparchives: (TCF, 1979 & 1986, resp.) Designed by visionary artist H.R. Giger, this derelict ship can be seen on the suface of the planet after the Nostromo arrives to investigate the acoustical distress beacon in Aliens, and also in the flashback scene in the Director’s Cut of Aliens (the second film) when Newt and her family go out to investigate the wreck. The ship is made of fiberglass and plasticine with a foam core, and papier-mâché covering which is painted a greenish-black color. There are numerous small plastic hoses and tubes attached with modeler’s clay running the length of each “arm”, some of which has slightly deteriorated in the 20+ years since the production. However, the run-down appearance of the prop is true to Giger’s original vision. In fact, the broken left arm was a pleasant surprise to director James Cameron, who was glad to incorporate it into the second film. When the prop was brought out of retirement for Aliens and it was discovered that the arm had sustained some damage, Cameron decreed that the prop should be filmed with the broken piece as is, to further underscore the fact that time had elapsed between the first encounter with the ship in Alien, and the second in Aliens. One of Giger’s most important designs, this prop is a fantastic relic from both films and highly sought-after by collectors of Giger and of the Aliens saga. Measures approx. 12 feet long x 9 feet wide.
    Estimate $40,000 – $60,000  

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