The Fifth Element: Mondoshawan/Sheridan suit concept by Jacques Rey references Max Ernst's Celebes (1921)?


leading from 


a) Sheridan (Mondoshawan) by Jacques Rey

b) References Max Ernst's Celebes (1921)

c) I'm looking at how the strange cactus tree like thing on the left has become the Totem Cannon.



d) I'm seeing that the collar on the Celebes trunk might have set off the idea of a patterns on the Sheridan's arm.



e) The hole where the trunk/ vacuum hose comes out from becomes the hole where the Sheridan's creature's head comes out.




f)  The strange devices at the top become replaced by the ventilation pods.



g)   The nostrils of the trunk become perhaps small lights the Mondoshawan's shoulder and so the longer horn becomes a ventilation pod as well

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