Alien: The Nostromo's garage borrows ideas from the Chamber of the Gods from Jack Kirby's The Eternals?

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a) While I have noted such things as Tutenhkamun's tomb as an inspiration as well as the Egyptian tomb scene from Tintin and the Cigars of the Pharoahs, 

I also think that the strange tomb from the Jack Kirby's The Eternals plays a part where we discover the giant sculpture of a space craft, as well as curious three passenger descent vehicle, and later another aerial vehicle.

This would help inspire the garage with the various vehicles that Ridley imagined being like a strange temple or tomb


b.i)  Double page spread The Eternals #1, July 1976

In The Eternals, the group fo explorers discover a giant sculpture of the Incan's space god in his chariot. Since I think that it looks as if Ridley Scott's production team were looking for ideas in this comic books series, perhaps that could be turned into one of the human sized vehicles of Alien.
b.i.1) Illustration by Jack Kirby from The Eternals

b.i.2) The drawing of the helijet by Ron Cobb

b.i.3) The rear of the helijet in the Nostromo garage set

b.i.4) Side view of the front of the front of the helijet on the film set

b.ii) Three passenger descent vehicle from The Eternals #1, July 1976

 Perhaps that's something that could be seen hanging like the landing leg in the Claw room


b.iii) The chamber with a small aircraft hanging from ceiling from the tomb in #2 in a scene where a crypt door is being opened

b.iv) Very large doors leading into another chamber
b.iv.2) When the Eternal named Ajak who had been perceived as a Sky god has been revived in issue 2  a large pair of open doors are opened to reveal a control room and beyond a titanic giant humanoid suspended like a giant idol in the air. 
A flight controls room is revealed
That might be something that contributes to the giant doors that lead into the landing leg room

The panels here are not shown as they are in the Eternals comic book but they are in the right order

b.iv.2) The Nostromo garage leads up to two large doors that open up to the landing leg room

b.v) Giant Celestial as the hanging idol

b.v.1) A following panel would show a giant Celestal seen in the distance hovering in the distance over a plinth in #3 and perhaps it too looks almost like some sort of giant hanging idol

b.v.ii) The landing leg set which Ridley Scott would compare to a hanging idol


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