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Kirby - Giger - Ancient Astronauts theory Timeline 

Jack Kirby drew "The Great Stone Face" starting off the ancient astronaut theory for Black Cat Mystic comic

Jack Kirby drew "The Face on Mars" for "Race for the Moon" comic, that appears almost like a sequel to the oddity of his "The Great Stone Face"

Jack Kirby includes a Mayan looking statue of a seated giant in #5 of "Challengers of the Unknown", but found in at a ruin in Chandowa in India.

Jack Kirby began to draw Dragon Man for in #35 of the Fantastic Four comic book series.

 Kirby draws The Great Refuge where the Inhumans live in the Fantastic Four series,  in the story "Beware of the Hidden Land" Fantastic Four Vol 1 # 47. It's drawn in the general style that he would draw Olympia in The Eternals in 1977, but the layout is not the same.

Erich Von Daniken's Chariots of the Gods is published.

Jack Kirby starts Dream Machine which he would finish in 1975

Giger draws work 147
Jack Kirby draws the Deep Six's Leviathan for the December's #6 of The New Gods

The Demon, Vol 1, no.3 is published featuring the Master Eye, an ancient idol 

April.  The Demon, Vol 2, no.8,  is published featuring the Jason Blood's artifact collection illustration.

Giger paints The Spell II referencing the Jason Blood's artifact collection from "The Demon" #8, April 1973

Giger paints Passage Temple referencing the Jason Blood's artifact collection from "The Demon" #8, April 1973

Giger paints Necronom IV and IX

The Viking 1 probe photographs the "Face On Mars"

The Eternals comic book series is released:
  • July, # 1 features the giant in space vehicle statue for The Eternals
  • August, # 2 features the giant Celestial's space ship
  • November, #5 features the scene where a humanoid's hand is turned into a gnarled wooden stump 
The Eternals comic book series continues: 
  • January, #7 features a Celestial travelling around on a hover sledge and a row of Celestials in The Eternals similar to Giger's wheelchair babies
  • March , #9 features the flying serpent above Olympia and the image appears to reference Giger's work 147 and perhaps shows a city similar in structure to part of the Occator Crater lights photographed on Ceres in 2015
  • July #13 features the Lemurian train bomb that references Giger's Necronom IX and work 147 and Dali's "Daddy Longlegs of the Evening - Hope!"
  • October, # 16 features the fire engine scene.
  • November, #17 features the fight with the character Dromedan in the story Sersi The Terrible.
Giger paints The Spell IV appearing to reference the illustration of the "Master Eye" idol from The Demon, Vol 1, no.3

From February until October Giger works on Alien, using Kirby's flying serpent drawing as reference for The Derelict, and perhaps Celestial giants seated in vehicles as reference such as the giant statue in #1 and also the celestial on the hover sledge in #7 for the alien pilot known as The Space Jockey in Alien

July, Devil Dinosaur #4 is featuring Jack Kirby's sky demon that references Giger's Passage Temple Entrance.

Later in the year Giger paints Alien Monster IV referencing The Lemurian Train Bomb and the humanoid with the hand turned into a gnarled wooden stump

Giger paints the giant Ugly spaceship inspired by the Celestials spaceship from #2 of The Eternals.

Giger starts the painting Anima Mia which he finishes in 1982, which references Kirby's Dream Machine.
Giger paints Biomechanic Mia (Egyptian Style) which references Kirby's Lemurian Train Bomb illustration

Giger starts painting biomechanic landscape I (work 583) which references the fire
engine picture from The Eternals

Preliminary model for Sakaar city from Thor: Ragnorak goes on display in Queensland, Australia.

Pages dealing with comparisons

1) Jack Kirby's comic book story "The Great Stone Face" (1957) predicts Von Daniken's Mayan Rocket Man?


2) The Face on Mars,  "Race for the moon" #2, 1958


3)  "Saucer Jockey" term in "Saucer Man" in "Race for the Moon" #3, 1958, 


4) Jack Kirby's The Living Totem (1961) referenced in HR Giger's Alien suit?


5) HR Giger's The Spell IV references The Master Eye from "The Demon" #3, November 1972 ?


6. a) Details in "The Demon" #8 by Jack Kirby and HR Giger's Passage Temple ?


6. b) Details in "The Demon" #8 by Jack Kirby and HR Giger's The Spell II ?


6. c) Idol from "The Demon" #8 by Jack Kirby references Wifredo Lam's La Noce



7. c) Jack Kirby's Pakal Votan inspired space vehicle with the giant pilot statue references HR Giger's Necronom I & III?


8.a) HR Giger's Space Jockey references Celestial on hover sledge in The Eternals #7 ? 



9) Jack Kirby's Dream Machine referenced in HR Giger's Anima Mia ?


10) Jack Kirby: Panel from Marvel Comic's The Eternals #8 (February 1977) showing the Deviant City

a) See: References The Betrothal of Two Classic Edifices (1943) by James Gleeson ?
b) See: References Perseus: The Doom Fulfilled (1888) by Edward Burne-Jones.
c) See: References the cover of Pink Panther And The Inspector #15?
d) See: References a photo of the villainous Hood from Thunderbirds on the cover of TV21 # 80 from 1966?

11) "Flying serpent over Olympia" from The Eternals #9 by Jack Kirby
a) The Great Refuge from The Fantastic Four foreshadows The Eternal's Olympia
b) Jack Kirby's flying serpent with holes from Eternals #9 references HR Giger's work 147 ?
c) Serpent from #9 of Jack Kirby's Eternals is referenced for the later stages of HR Giger's derelict design ? 
d) Jack Kirby's illustration of Olympia from The Eternals #9 predicts the mysteries of Occator Crater Lights

11) Jack Kirby references HR Giger's Landscape XXIX (1974) (work 249) in The Eternals #7, January 1977 ?

12) Fire engine scene from The Eternals #16 referenced in HR Giger's Biomechanic Landscape I (work 583)?


13). Jack Kirby's Lemurian Train Bomb

a) Jack Kirby's Lemurian train bomb from The Eternals references Giger's Necronom IX (1976) and Dali's "Daddy Longlegs of the Evening - Hope!'" (1940)
b) Jack Kirby's Lemurian Train Bomb references Giger's Necronom IV?
c) Jack Kirby's Lemurian Train bomb references Felt Pen Drawing (work 147) by Giger
d) HR Giger's Biomechanic Mia (Egyptian Style) references the Lemurian train bomb from Jack Kirby's The Eternals #16 , July 1977 ?


14 ) HR Giger's Alien Monster IV references twisted stump of wood hand image from Jack Kirby's The Eternals?


15) HR Giger's painting Ugly (1979) references the giant spaceship from The Eternals #2 (August 1976)?


 16) Drawing of sky demon for Devil Dinosaur #4 (1978) references details from HR Giger's Passage Temple Entrance (1975)?


17) HR Giger's Alien Monster IV references Dragon Man from Fantastic Four comic book series?


18) Engineer imagery in Ridley Scott's Prometheus references Dromedan from Jack Kirby's The Eternals vol 2?

19) Thor: Ragnorak Preliminary model for the Sakaar cityscape inspired by Kirby by way of Giger?


20) Visit Chris Knowles' blog secretsun.blogspot.co.uk for more exploration of Jack Kirby's work 
and listen to a radio interview with Knowles discussing Kirby's work at www.theothersideofmidnight.com

(N.B. Just because I've shown an interest in Chris Knowles' work, it doesn't necessarily mean that he should be in agreement with my findings)



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