Aliens: Memories of Vietnam and threats of a thousand crack troops becomes a swarmsof aliens coming down the corridors references "siege scene" from"Hill Street Blues season 1 episode 4, Can World War III Be an Attitude? (originally aired January 24, 1981)?

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a) An Echo of Vietnam

One day in the nameless city where this series takes place, because of the cancellation of the president's visit. it appears that gang revenge is feared.

Lt. Ray Calletano has just been receiving threatening telephone calls 

They have a group of prisoners, the head honcho, Rene Pagano is having his fingerprints taken by a police officers, making boastful threats  that the threat that the rest of the gang will come and burn down the police station tonight, that will pour gasoline down the police officer's throat and light his tongue

Detective Goldblume tells Captain Furillo, "I am a little nervous about having Rene Pagano in here. They're crazed to get even, Frank"

Furillo asks "How many guns they get"

"A good... 250 and a showcase full of ammo"

"Okay, one more stop and I'll be back up there. What's the word off the street? Who's wearing war colours?" asks Furillo

"Actually that's what's so weird, Frank" replies Goldbume, "I mean, there's no word, no colors. It just happened. It's like Vietnam"

Here we have something connecting with Vietnam since the battle with biomechanoid creatures in Aliens, is supposed to be a little inspired by the idea of the war in Vietnam. 

Detective Goldblume on the phone to Captain Furillo

b) Threats of a thousand crack troops

Lt Hunter the urban warfare specialist decides that he wants to talk to Captain Furillo over the phone

"Ray Calletano tells me that he received a telephone call from the Street Lords Youth Gang. They want know what the bail is on their head honcho, uh, Rene Pagano. When Ray explained the facts of life, there were serious threats. Like if we try to take him downtown, they're Gonna hit us with a thousand crack troops"

Furillo replies "Gotta give 'em credit for imagination Howard, A thousand troops?"

Lt Hunter replies "Frank, I wouldn't minimize the danger. They mentoned cuban mercenaries from Lesker Avenue"

Furillo's response is "Sounds like Mickey, Rojas. I know the kind, Howard, he's playing games"


Lt Hunter on the phone to Captain Furillo


c) Swarms of aliens gunned down by the two sentry guns

Perhaps these threats coming through about gangs of mercenaries etc who are going to raid the police station. 

Perhaps they might in Aliens be translated into the multitudes of aliens that come down the corridors and instantly get gunned to pieces by the robot sentry guns, although we only see one or two in the film being shot to pieces as if it might be the same little effects shot being shown over and over again

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