Felt Pen Drawing (work 147) by Giger references
Cuban doomsday weapon from "Our Man In Havana"?

leading from

a) Our Man In Havana
In the 1959 , a slightly comedic movie "Our Man In Havana" starring Alec Guiness,  based on a 1985 novel by Graham Greene. The lead character a vacuum cleaner salesman finds himself working for the British Secret Service but decides to make his reports "exciting" and sends to London sketches of vacuum cleaner parts, telling them that those are sketches of a secret military installation or a weapon  in the mountains.

b) Giger's drawing
As it happens, Giger draws one of his felt tip biomechanical landscapes from 1971 and it appears to reference this image, merging it with with his biomechanical landscape and the large vent like openings become transformed into the maw of a large serpentine form
Felt Pen Drawing by Giger (work 147) (1971)

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