Jack Kirby's Leviathan like beast from The Old Gods references the Pace Arrow motorhome from 1969?

leading from
Jack Kirby
Deep Six's Leviathan like beast from New Gods "Spawn" #5 (October to November 1971) 
Alien: From Fleetwood's Pace Arrow motorhome 
to Jack Kirby's Leviathan Whale 
to HR Giger's Necronom III 
to Jack Kirby's Celestial Giant in Rocket Capsule Statue 
to HR Giger's Space Jockey

a) Jack Kirby's "Leviathan" like beast from The New Gods #5 "Spawn" (October to November 1971).



b) References the Pace Arrow motorhome from 1969?

The grill at the front of the van becomes the teeth of the Leviathan.

The upwards curve in the side decorations near the front become the tusks of the beast
Fleetwood's first motorhome: 1969 Pace Arrow

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