HR Giger's Necronom III:

 Leading from

Necronom iii version II ( Dark Star HR Giger's world documentary version)

a) On the giant head of the picture in the left eye like bulge is the impression of a skull like head, perhaps we might think about the pink elephants with large oval empty eyes in the Disney movie Dumbo The Flying Elephant. The thing has pipe like tentacles in place of a trunk reaching into the water via a system of pipes

elephant head with hollow eye socket

nightmarish Pink Elephants on Parade from Dumbo The Flying Elephant (1941)

Elephant with moderately small ears from Fantasia (1941)

b) From looking at a clear version of the image in Monsters of the ID, The HR Giger  Bestiary. Suggestion of a baby elephant holding onto the bottom of its trunk, and indeed the baby elephant came later. The arm of the humanoid was the elephants larger ear, perhaps it’s an Indian elephantThis was always about the huge skull being an elephant skull transformed into the skull of a biomechanoid with a mouth at the front like a roughly humanoid head, and then the idea of an elephant replicates itself in the eye area on the left, and this elephant has its baby by its side with the head almost transformed into one end of a curved dildo.

suggestion of baby elephant head at the end of the mother's
trunk or a small capsule with perhaps a helmeted head inside?

A baby elephant and mother connecting with their trunks

Baby elephant and mother connecting with their trunks

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