Giger's Mordor VII (Work 293) (1975)- The Golem

Along with a few of other paintings from the paintings from the Mordor series, Mordor VII references Fisher Price Music Box Teaching Clock. Here it comes in the form of the head of the Golem with dark skull and a sleeping cap with its animal face on the back generally referencing the sleeping moon from the clock

f) See also: Did Mordor VII inspire the Carlo Rambaldi creature from Andrzej Zulawski's "Possession?

The creature as a phallic monster being tended
to by Andrzej Zulawski on the set of Possession

g) See also:  Creature-Effects' humanoid mutant

Creature-Effects' humanoid mutant

The cover for Triptykon's second album, ‘Melana Chasmata'

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  1. I have a full sleeve of zenos and 2queens I think seeing for the first time this fantastic art am going to get up to speed with h r gigers workings...outstaning.