HR Giger's Biomechanic Landscape I (1976):
Identifying Holbein's Henry VIII

leading from
Hans Holbein the Younger's Portrait of Henry VIII

Identifying Henry VIII 
9th February 2016: However. I am much more certain that there is there a figure with wide hat standing with his hands on his hips. I thought of Cavalier figures and then I decided to think of Henry The Eighth with his large codpiece, and then matched the arm like shapes with those of Hans Holbein the Younger's Portrait of Henry VIII. People for many years have found the size of his codpiece very mysterious, the size of it is especially noticeable in his suits of armour. The lit area running down the centre follows the general outline of his tunic where it meets the fur collar of his mantle. Henry also wears a large circular medallion that might have inspired the upper sphere hanging in the centre. He was known for having had eight wives and one he had executed by beheading with a sword. The lower spheres, middle and right also might have been developed after his knees as they appear above the garters, the far right sphere is only half shown as the knee on left half covered by the bottom of his mantle. His shoe on the right be comes the strange sarcophagus space suit with the wide flat toe. The left shoulder of the mantle with its patterns becomes the atrophied helmet dimly perceived on the left.

sarcophagus space suit and Henry's shoe

Strange helmet and Henry's mantel's shoulder.
 Henry's mantel's shoulder and head with attachments

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