Gleeson's The Nerve Garden borrows structural elements from Steiner-Prags The Golem illustration "Vice"

leading from

a) Realisation
On 15th April 2016, I suddenly noticed that The Nerve Garden by James Gleeson had similar structures to Steiner-Prags illustration Vice for Gustave Meyrink's The Golem. Giger had painted
Biomechanic landscape ii using the structure of Steiner-Prag's Vice as well in 1976

"Vice" by Hugo Steiner Prag

James Gleeson's The Nerve Garden

b) Balcony and stairs
Most noticable elements are the shape of the upper left balcony and the side of the staircase has a triangular section at the top that seems to slope down at the front being replicated as an angular kink where the the sloping rock meets the vertical rock.

Architectural features such as balcony raining and staircase

c) Transformed figures
The human couple in Steiner Prag's Vice perhaps have been turned into part of the rock landscape and lower large face shown here in a detail from Gleeson's The Nerve Garden. The upper part of the left rock has a flattened wide hat like structure that perhaps is the hat of the man in Steiner-Prag's illustration transformed. Perhaps the woman's face has been transformed into the face in the space in the rock.The stairs to the right have also been transformed into slabs of rock

Human couple in Steiner Prag's Vice and detail from Gleeson's The Nerve Garden.

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