Necronom VIII (1976)

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Necronom VIII (1976)
a) Comparison
Necronom VIII has a roughly South American styled face and perhaps reflects the idea of the concept of a Man in Serpent and perhaps even the Olmec "Man In Serpent" also named "Quetzalcoatl at La Venta" Monument 19, La Venta, Tabasco in terms of the shape of the general serpent behind the human's head. 

b) The Nose
The handle along with the shadowy space beneath it of the small basket transforms into the nostril of the Giger face and the left of the canopy hanging down dictates the general shape of the nose. The legs of the human along with the bottom left of the serpent tale transforms into the mouth of the Giger face

c) The Eye
The upper part of the cranium of the human in the painting is similar to the curve of the canopy above the head dress of the human in the Olmec carving, and the slit of the human's eye in Giger's painting is perhaps the jaw part of the man in the Olmec carving's head dress.

Monument 19, La Venta, Tabasco. "Seated man in serpent".

d) Humans serpent's mouths
Also there are Mayan representations to be found of human's emerging from the mouth of the serpent Kukulkan

Queen du'Uxmal, Late Classic (600-900 AD. AD). 
Limestone © Museo Nacional de Antropología, Mexico
e) Dali's sleep

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Necronom VIII (1976) (blue tint)

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