Giger's Necronom VI

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Giger's Necronom series

Giger's Necronom VI

a) Necronom VI

10th June 2015 : In Necronom VI we encounter a seemingly genderless humanoid with a plump semi naked body, with a plump androgenous face and a strange ornate rounded hat. His chin is divided into two testicle like lumps. The character's closed eyelids look puffed out and wears reading glasses with strange crescent shaped lenses. Perhaps the chin, the puffed out eyelids and the decoration above the nose begins to leave the loose impression of a flower such as an orchid or perhaps more likely a snapdragon.

The feet are strangely cloven, perhaps a satyr or a remnant thought of a Goya image of a seated goat.
A pipe is connected to the genitals, is it a leaf blower or vacuum cleaner nozzle, spews out demonic deformed thalydomide babies wrapped in a membrane like a sausage skin.

27th of June 2015:  My mother suddenly decided to buy a leaf blower, and she has never bought one before and so I will go with that general concept

flower like form?
b) Post Jodorowsky's Dune thoughts.
We might take a look at a drawing for the character Baron Harkonnen by Moebius for the movie project Dune by Alexandro Jodorowsky. HR Giger had been Jodorowsky to design the world of Giedi Prime ruled by Baron Harkonnen . This character was to be a bulging fat human who wore ornate headdresses, and in one of Moebius' drawings he appears nude wearing a bulging cap and a necklace. The head of the character in Necronom VI and the naked drawing of Baron Harkonnen with his puffed out hat  and necklace are almost similar.

Baron Harkonnen from Dune, by Moebius
Baron Harkonnen from Dune, by Moebius

c) Necronom VI referenced in the structure of Poltergeist 2's The Great Beast
What this painting would later influence because of the strange twisted characters coming from the pipe, the totem pole part of the body of the great beast, design by Giger for the movie Poltergeist 2

Giger's concept sketch for the Great Beast from Poltergeist

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