Alien: Chris Foss' Submarine like spaceship

It got to a point where Chris Foss was being asked create something less outlandish in case it interfered with the plot, and draw something more monotonous that looked like a submarine. It certainly wasn't the direction where Chris wanted to go.

TWT..... 21-01-16

Image from Charles Lippincott's collection

Quote source 
  1. "I was in Los Angeles for about four months, working in washrooms and funny places like that, " Foss says wryly. "There were problems. The politics were just unbelievable. I was all creatively hindered. They thought my designs were too far-out and interesting. They thought they'd interfere with the plot," he laughs. "They wanted the spaceship to look more monotonous, like a submarine." In the end, very little if any of Foss' Alien concepts made it to the screen.  (Future Life #11, p63)
  2. Foss is influenced by more conventional large earth craft (or vehicles.) One of Foss's wildest ideas for the Nostromo featured three prongs at the front of the ship. The profile of this spaceship is adapted from the basic design for a submarine. The influence recurs in several sketches for the film. (Book of Alien)

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