Giger's Stillbirth Machine III - (Homage to David Lynch?) (1977) and comparison to works by Ernst Fuchs?

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Giger's Stillbirth Machine III (1977) (work 355)

a) Comparisons to Ernst Fuchs "Samson finds the carcass of the lion" (1961)
Giger's Stillbirth Machine bears similarities to Ernst Fuchs "Samson finds the carcass of the lion" from 1961. What there is to point out here that we have a series of vertical phallic prongs like some sort of a candelabra.

Ernst Fuchs  "Samson finds the carcass of the lion" (1961)

b) Comparisons to "Adam's Destruction and Promise"
I would also make the suggestion that Giger went ahead and merged it with ideas inspired by "Adam's Destruction and Promise" which shows angels wings in the form that resemble inverted parted legs and above the glowing human body that may have been transformed into the exterior mecahnical womb

Ernst Fuchs "Adam's destruction and promise"

Ernst Fuchs "Adam's destruction and promise", Giger's Stillbirth Machine III and Fuchs "Samson finds the carcass of the lion"

c) Another version of "Adam's Destruction and Promise"
Painting by Fuchs from Omni Magazine showing the same sort of content as Ernst Fuchs "Adam's destruction and promise" with multiple winged form in the air (undated)

A painting by Ernst found in Omni Magazine (source
d) Homage to David Lynch!?
It's the 7th of June 2019, and I've noticed in a document "L’HORRIBLE : UN MOUVEMENT ARTISTIQUE Le regard moderne de HR Giger by Laura Wojazer  that this painting's name has changed slightly with "Homage to David Lynch" added.  (see:
Giger had traveled to New York at the end of 1977 to take part in an art exhibition. the film Eraserhead was being shown. Of course, he went to see it at the advice of Mati Klarwein, and loved it. (See "b) Advice from Mati Klarwein while in New York" in Alien vs Eraserhead)

The fetal head in the painting is barely visible but it almost animal like almost like the idea of the baby in Eraserhead, and perhaps he painted it from memory. With that, the painting was created towards the end of the year and so the association falls into place.


  1. Updated page today 8th June 2019 with the exploration of the idea that this painting was some sort of homage to Eraserhead which Giger saw in 1977 since I've noticed that it had been called Homage to David Lynch somewhere, and that seemed interesting.

  2. This essay was originally published on the 2nd of September 2015