HR Giger's Homage to Böcklin

leading from 

Island of the Dead (fifth version) by Arnold Böcklin (1886)

HR Giger's "Homage to Böcklin" after Böcklin's Island of the Dead (1977)


the one of the founders of the Vienna School of Fantastic Realism
publication of the exhibition of the Fox series "On the Isle of the Dead" at Galerie Ariadne, the gallery and the gallery Krugier Sydow

"Hommage á Böcklin" by Ernst Fuchs

compare the form of the figures in the foreground of the
exhibition booklet to general shape of the wall in Giger's painting

Ernst Fuchs' Isle of the dead (1971)

"Venus on the Island of Death", 1976 (

Stehender weiblicher Akt mit Maske auf der Insel des Todes.

'The Philosopher on the Isle of the Dead' by Viennese Fantastic Realist,
Ernst Fuchs. Oil on Panel 1978-1983 

(Thanks to Morpheus International at Facebook for this information about this painting 
since it linked me with the rest of the Isle of the Dead paintings by Fuchs)


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