Jack Kirby's Lemurian Train Bomb

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Lemurian Train Bomb
a) July #13 of The Eternals features the Lemurian train bomb, and I would suddenly realise that the illustraion referenced Giger's Necronom IX, Necronom IV,  felt tip drawing work 147 and Dali's "Daddy Longlegs of the Evening - Hope!"

b) It looked as Jack Kirby was using Giger artwork as reference while Giger would too be referencing Kirby's work. Some of Kirby's ideas would guide Giger's thinking too for the designs for the Alien production, Giger might biomechanise something that he saw in Kirby's images or even take a look at something of his own that had earlier crept into Kirby's work and reinterpret his own work based upon what Kirby was picking out from it.

c) Jack Kirby's Lemurian train bomb references Giger's Necronom IX, and Dali's Daddy Longlegs of the evening - Hope! ?

d) Jack Kirby's Lemurian train bomb references Necronom IV (1976) ?

e) Jack Kirby's Lemurian Train bomb references Giger (work 147) Felt Pen Drawing (work 147) ?

f) Giger's Alien Monster IV references Kirby's Lemurian train bomb?

g) Transformation of "Treasures of Satan" into "Alien Monster IV" via Tomita's Pictures At An Exhibition album cover" , Dali's "Daddy Longlegs of the Evening - Hope!' and Dan O'Bannon's Alien creature drawing inspired by Giger's Necronom IX?

h) Giger's Biomechanic Mia (Egyptian Style) references the Lemurian train bomb from Jack Kirby's The Eternals #16 , July 1977 ?

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