Jack Kirby's Lemurian Train Bomb
references Giger's Necronom IV?

Looking for more similarities
The Lemurian train bomb from The Eternals  roughly bears the configuration of Giger's painting.  At first I was asking if Giger had referenced Kirby's 1977 drawing again but Giger's Necronom IV painting appears to have come first in 1976.

In this case, the back of the head and back pipes of the creature transform into the front of the train.

The tail becomes the pipe on the side of the front of the train going to the back of the engine, up and then back to the front where it is nearby the cockpit bubble containing a human. The bubble tip of the tail with its skeletal occupant becomes the cockpit with human inside

Do the eye like forms at the top of the ribcage below the should transform into the yellow nodules on the side along the front of the train?

Does this also suggest secret knowledge that the Necronom IV is also part canister vacuum cleaner

Necronom IV

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