Common Usage of the Term "Space Jockey" up to Alien

  1. Robert Heinlein's manuscript for "Space Jockey" by October 1946
  1. Robert Heinlein's story Space Jockey is published in The Saturday Evening Post, April 26, 1947
  1. Philip St John wrote Rocket Jockey which was also known as Space Jockey. 
  2. Phil Tucker had directed a not very good film called Space Jockey perhaps based on the Heinlein story
  3. "Just as a well-trained aviator manages to keep oriented to the ground while performing hair-raising stunts, so the "space jockey" will be able to adjust to the sensation of weightlessness. In this adjustment, he will get the most practical help from" (Newsweek - Volume 38 - Page 52)
  1. "Strange as it seems, Sturgeon's "The Claustrophile," from Galaxy, is the least of the four offerings — even though Anderson's and Russell's are purely entertainment. His hero is a moody intellectual with an extravert space-jockey brother, for whom he automatically steps aside until he..." ( Analog Science Fact, Science Fiction, Volume 65)

  1. "Apart from recruitment and training problems, it is probable that the best female space jockey would be an Indian midget from the rarefied Peruvian Andes. Seriously speaking, woman is not the "lesser man" of the poet. She is the helpmeet." (America - Volume 106 - Page 849)
  1. "He picked up a form letter and read from it, singsong— "Dear nuclear physicist; Did you spend six years sweating out your doctorate so you'd have to do without an accelerator for fundamental, basic particle research, so some space jockey" (
  1. Bits and pieces of the conversation between White and McDivitt were thrown into open radio microphones for the world to hear. And the world heard a joyous space jockey having the time of his life and refusing to get back into his spacecraft despite the pleas, the cajoling and the direct orders of his pilot and the national space agency’s top brass controlling the flight here at Houston. (Daily News on June 4, 1965).

  1. Advert for Thiokol (See: "Space Jockey" (1966) by Falcon for Thiokol)

  1. Galileo #1-6 : "An aging space-jockey (Kail Kay pack), is wasting away his final days running an amusement-park concession— a spaceship ride— on Paradise Planet, a vacation resort-world which extrapolates Vegas to its absurdly logical conclusion". (The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction - Volume 28 - Page 11)

  1. Dallas: "One dead space jockey, no signs of other crew members, the old L-52s generally wen up with a compliment of seven" (Alien script with Cylinder)

  1. Production name for the dead alien pilot's remains in Alien

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