HR Giger's Space Trip I (1978)
references Star Wars poster (1977)?

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a) 26th May 2011
I saw this Star Wars poster posted this morning on Facebook, and suddenly realised that it would have been an ideal poster for HR Giger to biomechanise, then I checked to see if there was something that Giger had done like it but couldn't find anything, but lo and behold in the evening, I found the painting, Space Trip I by H R Giger). 

b) Comparing features
It can be barely noticed but the way that Darth Vader's eye lens seems weirdly shaped like an 8. And so the pathways shaped by the trails of the x wing fighters becomes merged with the side of Vader's helmet and turned into a biomechanic structure. The grid of the death star has been stretched sideways across the painting, and the ribbing on the bridge of the nose Darth Vader's helmet has been extended.Perhaps the general shape of Luke Skywalker's arm on the right has been turned into the curve on the right. Princess Leia's cloak has been changed into curved tubes flowing to the left

HR Giger's Space Trip I (1978)

HR Giger's Space Trip I (1978)

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