Alien : HR Giger's translucent Alien painted up

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a) A translucent painted alien somewhere!

Curiously Giger's painted up translucent alien was standing behind him in photos of him going to work on an egg, while in the Art Department Room.

People have been very hung up on the images of the attempts at a translucent suit, and there is even a NECA action figure based upon this known as the concept alien.

It is important to know about the attempts to make it and indeed its failure, and there is an example of such a suit to be found online in a state of decay.

But this suit was an attempt to create a foundation for his concept alien,

We find out that he went ahead and has a clear resin cast of the beast made, he took the parts to his studio and painted them up. 

They could not have been worn as a costume though.

The images that we see are how far he got with his attempts at painting up a translucent alien

b)  HR Giger: Saturday, August 19, 1978. Colored the alien egg black. Finally received Alien III from the plaster shop to paint. To my great surprise, I found paint that you can use on PVC. Wonderful day (Alien Diaries)

c) Polaroid of polyester alien painted up (source: Alien Diaries)




d) In the Art Department, standing in he background, we see Giger's Alien

e.i) Well known photo of  Giger going to work on an egg from the photograph published in  Imagimovies  v01n03 (Spring 1994)

e.ii) The beast by itself
f) Same photo as above of Giger going to work on an egg with but with the colours looking a bit more realistic rather than filled with dynamic purples
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f.ii)  The alien beast by itself



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