Alien: Evolution of Space Jockey via Jack Kirby's Eternals

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While working on his creations for Alien, Giger might easily have felt happy to consult the pages of the comic book series The Eternals by the well known comic book illustrator Jack Kirby for inspiration as it appears as it appears that Jack Kirby had been using Giger's artwork in the past for inspiration behind various drawings in his comic stories mainly at the time The Eternals,  and that year in 1978, Devil Dinosaur. And Giger would continue to use his work as reference for some years to come. The first picture here of the giant statue of a Celestial in his wheeled flying vehicle appears to borrow ideas from Giger's Necronom III in a transformed way.

See: Space Jockey seat references Celestial 
on hover sledge in The Eternals #7 ?

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