"Saucer Jockey" in The Saucer Man comic book story "Race for the Moon" #3, 1959, drawn by Jack Kirby

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In Race for the Moon #3, 1958, a story about a downed alien spacecraft is discovered with its large extra-terrestials pilot in a space suit nearby drawn by Jack Kirby, and they refer to it as a "Saucer Jockey", which is an interesting development in our exploration of the history of Alien, since Heinlein's short story The Space Jockey back was published in April 26, 1947 and by the time of Alien, we have the giant alien pilot's remains known as the "Space Jockey" which isn't that interesting really but it's just that today we don't use this Jockey term in its different ways and I'm more or less pointing this out.


Here is the full story below:


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