Alien: HR Giger moved into the studio hut in the car park

Images from Giger's Alien documentary stitched together

leading from

a) Giger was moved into the studio that was a large hut in a car park on July 18th 1978, once his old studio has been torn down to make room for the landing leg set. 
Later Giger is sent off to another Studio, known as the art department on August 4th 1978
b.i) Rambaldi works on the mechanical head in the hut (from the book Giger's Alien p60)

b.ii) Rambaldi working on the mechanical head (My source:

c.i) HR Giger in the hut in 1978 in Shepperton Studios near London.  (source
c.ii) The alien head in the same state  (Source
d.i) HR Giger at work on an alien in 1978 in Shepperton Studios near London. 
Here we have the alien head on an upper body, with the egg silo model in the distance to the left.
(Photo: Edition Patrick Frey) (Source:
d.ii) Upper body with alien head with dome, and egg silo model sitting on desk behind

d.iii ) Egg silo model sitting on desk

d.iv) Giger playing with a small miniature astronaut on the egg silo, demonstrating how a person would come down the silo walls (source Giger's alien)
d.v) Egg silo model on desk (source:

e.i) Here we see Giger at work on the alien head in the hut (Photo: Courtesy of and ©2021 Museum HR Giger)

e.ii) The alien head perhaps in the same state from another angle without dome. (Source

f) Alan Ladd and Gordon Carroll comes to see the Alien head
f.i) We see Carlo Rambaldi sitting in the background
f iii)  Alien face from another angle with closed mouth

f.iv) One of Rambaldi's assistants

f.v) Here we see Mia Bonzanigo  Alan Ladd stands on the left,  Ivor Powell in the centre and Gordon Carroll with the glasses.

f.vii) Giger standing outside the entrance of the hut with the alien head on a head and shoulders cast, (Source Cinefantastique, vol9 no1, p21)
f.vii) Rambaldi with assistants and Alan LaddJr outside the hut (Source Cinefantastique, vol9 no1, p21)

f.viii) (Alien Head outside hut: source Cinefantastique, vol9 no1, p21)


f.ix) Rambaldo's mechanical alien head (my source:

g.i) Carlo Rambaldo, Ridley Scott and HR Giger inspecting the alien's inner jaws on the end of its tongue (from Giger's Alien Diaries)

g.ii) The alien head in a similar state with neck included and some paint on the dome. 
While ultimately not that clear, it looks like the same hut (My source:

h) Casting the legs of the outfit
h.i) The mould for the alien legs (from the book Giger's Alien)
h.ii) Casting the legs of the Alien suit (from the book Giger's Alien)

i.) Alien body parts hanging

i.i) Plaster cast of stuntman with fragments of costume
 i.ii) Alien costume hanging up (from the book Giger's Alien)
Alien costume hanging up (from the book Giger's Alien)

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