Alien: From Jack Kirby's Leviathan Whale
to HR Giger's Necronom III
to Jack Kirby's Celestial Giant in Rocket Capsule Statue
to HR Giger's Space Jockey

Leviathan Whale from Jack Kirby's The New Gods
a) From Leviathan to Necronom III
The Leviathan whale monster featured in Jack Kirby's The New God in 1971 and would a few years later become a starting point for Giger's Necronom III as shown below.

(See: Necronom III references the "Leviathan" from The New Gods)

Necronom III a
b) From Necronom III to statue of Celestial in his space capsule
Jack Kirby meanwhile would take Giger's Necronom III as a starting point for his own illustration of a giant statue of a Celestial in his space capsule

( See: Jack Kirby's Pakal Votan inspired space vehicle with the giant pilot statue references Giger's Necronom I & III?)

 Celestial Giant in Rocket Capsule Statue from The Eternals

c) From Statue of Celestial in his space capsule to The Space Jockey
After that, it appears as if Giger used Kirby's giant celestial in a space capsule as a point of reference along with a number of other things for his own Space Jockey design. The ribbed ridge along the canopy of the cockpit bubble perhaps transforms into the viewer that the Space Jockey looks into. The Galactic Eye in the background to suggests that the bulbous lower end of the telescope could well be an eye as well.
Alien Pilot (Space Jockey)

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