Unlocking the design of the Space Jockey

Necronom V
Giger came to design the space jockey once Ridley Scott decided that Giger would handle all the Alien environments rather than just the alien race on the planetoid and the egg silo and then Ron Cobb would design the human environments. Ridley Scott started with a creature from one painting by Giger, that looked liked the bare remains of a fossilised creature with some humanoid features, and its seat was the back of the female seated figure bending forwards as if it is riding a motorbike, that it had been piercing into. Soon the entity evolved into something that was done much earlier in Giger's career during the 1960s, when he was drawing ink drawings showing humanoid with pipes coming from the face and also with hands on handlebars which are popular reoccurring image in his works.

1. The Space Jockey design as it is in Alien

2. Space Jockey Evolution via Giger's Necronomicon pt, 1 

3. Evolution of Space Jockey via the Egyptian Book of the Dead

4. Evolution of the Space Jockey via Stanley Kubrick's 2001

5. Evolution of Space Jockey via Texas Chainsaw Massacre

6. Likely inspiration from the Excessive Machine in Barbarella

7. "Martian Dali equipped with a double holoelectronic microscope" inspired the telescope ?

8. Evolution via Giger's Necronomicon part 2

9. Evolution of the Space Jockey via the Waiter's Friend / Sommelier knife ?


  1. Regarding your fifth paragraph, is the detail of the Necronom IV, not from the bottom left, but just the top of the image?

  2. Thanks for the observation, I'm going to correct it when I work out what I am talking about in relation to the image.

  3. This page has since been broken down into headings leading to various pages with different sections about Giger's space jockey's design evolution.

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