Alien : Development of the designs for the Space Jockey


  1. That last image isn't Giger's Space Jockey (although it is Giger's artwork).

    1. Okay, Necronom V was the starting point for Giger's design for the pilot in his chair. I suppose that's why it's there

  2. I didn't think that the artwork we know that was between Necronom V and Giger's final concept paintings was interesting enough to have in this index for the early designs for the Space Jockey itself, but there is something that Giger drew as quite an alternative take on the entity's main body, but I don't know if it was really part of the actual film production work or even used in the process of evolving the design. So it's something for to be in a bit of quandary about what to have their representing early art for the Space Jockey, but Necronom V was the starting point.