HR Giger: The Banana Splits Adventure Hour
referenced in Vlad Tepes?

leading from
Banana Splits photo for the album featuring Snorky with short fur

a) The Banana Splits Adventure Hour,
The Banana Splits Adventure Hour, a children's variety program was originally on American TV from 1968 to 1970 and would be repeated on many channels in other countries for decades to come.  It featured the characters Fleagle the Dog,  Bingo the ape, Snorky the elephant and Drooper the lion, who played as a band and so sing the theme tune "The Tra La La Song" 

(see also
The Banana Splits as seen in the TV show with a Snorky the elephant with longer fur

b) Transformations
Somehow Giger's painting managed to absorbed Fleagle, Snorky and Bingo in a transformed state, but what has happened to Drooper, three out of four is not bad , and perhaps they are ogling a dancing girl who in the TV series would have been barely pubescent but there would be opportunity to envisage her growing to adult hood following a similar career path.
earlier stage in the development of the Vlad Tepes painting (work 412, 1978)

c)  Mickey Mouse or Banana Splits?
In time, these named characters would come and go from the painting. Giger would claim that originally it showed Mickey Mouse, and if it did, that stage has not been shown in the photographs, but perhaps that was easier to say than start talking about the Banana Splits TV show.
strange grinning face from Vlad Tepes early stage and Bingo the Gorilla

d) Bingo the Ape
A curious wide grinning face that perhaps set me off in the direction of Banana Splits, but Bingo has become transformed with his white frame sunglasses turned into black rimmed white eyes, and his wide grin has become transformed into on with many small teeth.
Feint traces of Snorky the elephant and Fleagle the dog

Snorky's trunk

e)  Snorky the Elephant and Fleagle the dog
Fleagle the dog becomes transformed so that he has a long snout like Pluto the dog from Disney.
Snork becomes transformed into the winged face of a woman and where its trunk begins, the woman's face has been placed, and below its trunk has been transformed into a pipe going down the side of the Pluto dog. Snork's helmet bcomes represented by a loop in a tentacle

Giger's Autosodomizing woman and Girl dancer from "Sour Grapes"

f. i) Did one of the very young "Sour Grapes" dancing girls shoving her backside in and out in front of the camera set off the idea for merging it with Dali's "Young Virgin Auto-Sodomized by the Horns  of Her Own Chastity" (1954) and the Wifred Lam's "Sans titre, [Fata morgana]"(1941) etc lead towards the idea of Giger's autosodomising female who of course over time would be a grown up woman who might even chose to become an exotic dancer perhaps involved with drugs as well? (See also HR Giger's Vlad Tepes:  Female autosodomizing)
Girl dancer from "Sour Grapes"

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