Alien: Ridley Scott's notes for Ripley and Dallas in the test scene in Alien

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May 8, 1978


Good middle class background.
Intelligent woman.
High IQ
Product of officer Training Academy; following father's footsteps.
First class passing...out... geologist first and first class pilot second.
Became Midshipman (apprentice) on passenger vehicles.
Disliked the life, for the same reasons that Dallas preferred not to do it. (Captain's table bulshit).
But unlike Dallas is a good socializer and politician (petty).
Made it to first officer easily.
Volunteered for long range super tanker stint - not for shares - but ambitious to see other side-of-hill.
Intead of adventure finds tedium, routine and jaded companionship -- still believes she will find the "Grail"

Has never been tried - never under duress - interesting to see how she could/would react under pressure situation.
She can come on strong and tough even to Parker

She finds total authority.
Follow her own personal doubts.
Finds that she has high sense of morality - "Can't leave this thing floating around in space.
Or simply she doesn't like to lose.


Secondary education drifted into lower deck employment on Super-Tanker refinery for German company.
Became interested to see the other-side-of-the-hill.
Worked his way up by doing everything by the book. 
Without being dull.
Became the company man, reliability personified!
Japanese company bought him by offering him a super tanker.
Ten years doing it.
How philosophical manner - could be construed or disappointed.
(But his "laid" back sense of humour", dourness, (Texan?), could be interpreted that he really enjoys it all.)
cen it all attitude
Possibly jaded by many of these trips into space, is married but only see her total of 3 years in fifteen years.
Divorce imminent.
No big deal.
Accepts it. Absense doesn't make the heart grow fonder.
Will miss kids.

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