Alien : Evolution of Space Jockey
via Texas Chainsaw Massacre ?

Leading from

skull of Texas Chainsaw Massacre's bone sofa created by art director Bob Burns

a) Sofa in the Bone Room
In Tobe Hooper's movie Texas Chainsaw Massacre released in 1974, in the main house featured in the movie there in a place often referred to as the Bone Room which featured technological junk, feathers, a caged chicken, as well and ornaments and furnishings made from animal and human bones.

The camera creeps along the skeleton of a foot that leads up  to the arm rest of a very crude sofa made with bones, some of which are noticeably human, such as the human feet, the arms along the arms and a human skull fixed on top of the centre.

This film Dan O'Bannon introduced to Ridley Scott and it served as a major inspiration for the Alien film as it was being made.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre's bone sofa created by art director Bob Burns
b) Connection to the Space Jockey?
In Alien, we find a giant skeleton fused to it's seat that we know of as the Space Jockey. Directly or indirectly it seems that the presence of this chair has something to do with it

c)  Bob Burns
The piece of furniture was created by art director Bob Burns as seen below with an assortment of other bone furniture.

Bob Burns Bone chair from Texas Chainsaw Massacre . The chair has a height 
of approximately 16", with a seat measurement of about 16.5" x 16". The bone back 
rises approximately 28.5" from the ground, the arms are approximately 13.5" long and the 
back measures approximately 18" wide. This chair can be seen in the infamous "dinner" 
scene, wherein Marilyn Burns is brought to the table as a reluctant guest. 

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