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"Presentation of Henu bark on the Mefech slide is Seker on his Hill".

Sokar is very closely connected with his ship in which it is moving or being moved by volunteers. The name of this ship is Henu (hnw), a name sometimes used for the god himself was using. But Hathor and Horus can be identified in the boat in which the support of these deities is expressed in the way of Sokar.

The Henu Bark is seen primarily in its raised prow, the one to the deck looking down antelope head crowned. Including a series of elongated objects extends approximately horizontally from the hull, their identity, meaning and possible practical function are unclear. Vessels similar form are already represented in paintings of pre-dynastic period. The bark on older representations is a hawk, later a shrine to the cult statue of the god or a figure of the god on his hill

Hard to Henu Bark heard the mfch, a carriage with frame, whereupon the boat before transport - carried or pulled - was set. Barge and carriage could learn ritual worship.

Some sources also Maati Bark appears in connection with Sokar (Gaballa / Kitchen 1969, 14, 21). The extent to which this connection is another aspect of God is accompanied, is unclear. Under no circumstances it is but just a different name for the Henu Bark because Maati Bark does not have the characteristic shape (Gaballa / Kitchen 1969, 13f.).

See more Encyclopedia of Egyptology V, 1066f​​. and detail-Graindorge Héreil 1994, 17-33."

"Egyptian gods Ptah-Osiris-Sokar approach the baby
sun god Horus" (John Gardner Wilkinson, Manner and 
Customs of the Ancient Egyptians, III p.31)
This Henu Barque appears to be the same design as the one at the Egyptian Theater in Hollywood
 henu barque (source: Egyptianrealms)
 henu barque (source: Egyptianrealms)

Henu Barque drawing from "Beneath The Pyramids"

Source: www.websters-online-dictionary.net/

"Ptolemy Euergetes and the Ḥennu Boat."

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