Henu Barque on Funerary Shrouds

leading from
Funerary shroud made of painted stucco overlying
coarse linen. The face is molded to produce a
three-dimensional mask. The head is crowned
with a wreath and the deceased holds a vessel
and a funerary garland in his hands. Below the
torso is a register containing a depiction of the
funerary barque of Sokar, flanked by jackals. 

detail from above

Female mask from Deil el-Bahri,
Mid to late 3rd Century AD
now  at the Dublin, National Museum of Ireland 
(from :The Beautiful Burial in Roman Egypt : 
Art, Identity, and Funerary Religion ...
 By Christina Riggs)

detail of the Henu Barque from
Deil el-Bahri, above

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