Ivory label of the Pharaoh Semerkhet

Ivory label of the Pharaoh Semerkhet, circa 2900
BC. Originally a label for an oil container, it also
references a religious festival in a specific year of
 his reign. (The Pharaonic festival became the en:
Sed festival.) EA 32668. Semerkhet's 9 year reign
may be from ca. 2920 to 2900 (or lower?) Ivory
label of Semerkhet, on display in the British
Museum. The right section, introduced by the
'year' -sign Renpet (a bald palm stem), reports
-from top to bottom- a feast of the Sokar-bark,
 a visitation to the temple of the ancestor-deity 
Wer-Wadyt and the travelling in a royal boat.
The left part of the label shows the throne name  
Iry-Nebty of Semerkhet with a blessing wish
below. On the left upper corner is described the
content of the jar, to which the labelwas once
adjusted. Also the name of the high official
Henuka is preserved, who was obviously
responsible for the delivery of the mentioned jar.

detail from above

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