HR Giger: Erotomechanics VII (work 422) (1979) by HR Giger

Erotomechanics VII by HR Giger (1979)
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a.i) Continuing with the exploration into Giger's Necronom V, showing a female figure with the head of the Alien, riding on a piece of apparatus being inspired by the design of the "Pakal Votan" tomb lid, one might look at the painting Erotomechanics VII which shows two female figures seated opposite each other on an alien head, inside of something describable as an iron womb. 
Mia Bonzanigo and a friend of hers both posed for HR Giger and now polaroids have been released, it can be seen that they posed with the actual head of the Alien suit and the tail as well, trying out several different positions before settling for one that mysteriously echoes the "Pakal Votan" tomb lid

Pakal Votan tomb lid, AKA the Palenque rocket man

a.ii) One can ask if this is also inspired, even if only loosely, by the "Pakal Votan" tomb lid, as we see the cutaway womb like shape  encapsulating the occupants with an engine device to the right against. The serpent bar coloured in pink here transforms into the crouched female on the left holding the ribbed tusk over her head.

b) Judith and Mia modelling for Erotomechanics VII at Giger's home




g) Giger's work in Erotomechanics VII became a starting point for work 444 , Biomechanical Mia, Egyptian Style. 
The crouched female figure on the left transforms into the head and forearms of a winged Sphinx creature. 
The style of the background shows similarity to the New York City series that would soon follow.
work 444 , Biomechanical Mia, Egyptian Style, 1980



h) See: Referenced in street scene for Blade Runner (film released 1982) by Syd Mead ?


k) See: Referenced in an illustration by Moebius for Jeunesse Heureuse?

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  1. Erotomechanics VII to me depicts the symbotic relationship between 2 advanced cyborgentic/humanoids in their total assimilation and procreational extascy