Alien: Ron Cobb's birth temple

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Ron Cobb's birth temple.
A human explores a primitive angular tomb like chamber,
loosely with a Mayan or Aztec look to it.
a) See: Gigers influence on Ron Cobb's alien birth temple
b) See: Dresden codex's influence on Ron Cobb's birth temple?
c) See: Birth Temple illustration as a starting point for Giger's Alien Life Cycle Hieroglyphics

Around the side of the plinth are a row of spore pods. (image lightened)

Rows of alien sculptures with ribbon like legs are
lined up along the lower part of the walls.
By the entrance through the roof is a winged triangle with a single eye.

birthing/sacrificial scene perhaps inspired by the Dresden Mayan Codex
d) See also Alien Birth Temple references money printing room in "Adventures of Tintin and The Black Island"

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