Alien: Giger's first version of the humanoid alien concept art

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Alien concept work 369 with serpentine tail motif
a) Beast with signs of Delville's idol of perversity?
From HR Giger's work during the production of Alien, one can find glimpse signs of the zig zag motif from Delville's serpent down the front of the woman's breast in the picture Idol of Perversity in Giger's unused concept for the Alien creature, (work 369) that would have been created before Giger started on his Alien Monster series. We find the zig zag serpentine tail motif hanging down behind the creature.  Only a low resolution copy of this image found its way onto the internet and it would be interesting to see it in greater detail.

b) Blurred Questions 
Perhaps one might ask if this was a concept that Giger had developed with the idea of a man holding a child either side of him but it's not easy to say exactly how this creature is formed,  I might ask if the arms are linked to the back of the head, and the way that it's face is formed is not easy to work out but this creature has eyes like motorcycle goggles

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