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Alien: The Nostromo

Nostromo commissary

On Tue Dec 22, 2009 , someone by the username of Nexus42 at Propsummit was able to identify the coffee makers in the Nostromo kitchenette as Braun Aromaster KF 20, designed in 1972 by Florian Seiffert

one of the coffee makers in the
Nostromo's kitchen area in Alien
white Braun Aromaster KF20
  1. Nexus 42: Talking about the various props seen in the background on the nostromo, let me introduce you to one of my favourites, the most beautiful coffee machine in the world, and thanks to Ridley Scott in outer space too!
    Florian Seiffert

    The Braun Aromaster KF 20, designed in 1972 by Florian Seiffert was so far ahead of the competition in both looks and technology, reflected in the price of DM139. A design icon in the same vein as the Eames recliner, and the Barcelona chair, in demand by photographers, interior designers and creative types, wanting a futuristic icon of the time.

    The KF 20 came in white, yellow, orange, red, dark red and olive!

    It featured a coffee pot with a enclosed plastic handle, Brauns unique closed filter system also known as the c-principle , this put the water reservoir directly above the coffee filter which gave it it's distinct profile, as oppose to the water reservoir to the side known as the L-principle.
    Nexus42:Advert for the Braun KF 20. 
    (PropsummitPosted: Tue Dec 22, 2009) 

    The KF 20 was produced for five years unchanged, when the KF 21 came out the machine was identical to its older brother, the only difference being a slightly tweaked glass jug with the open handle design, the inclusion of a thermostat slider on the front of the hotplate and the reduction of colour choice to just white, yellow and orange. the beauty of this machine is that it could be produced today and still look ahead of its time!
    Ridley really does love his Braun kitchen products, in BladeRunner he kitted Deckards compact kitchen with the Braun MP 50 multipress the type 4045 coffee mill grinder the HL-1-70 desktop fan ( HL-1 1961 HL-70 1970) and the KF 35 "Traditional" coffee machine.  Not surprised Parker and the nostromo crew loved their coffee so much.
    These machines can still be found occasionally on ebay, if
    lucky they still work perfectly, I recently picked up a pristine white KF 20 from germany for under £25, just add a schuko plug adapter add coffee and water and enjoy! .
    Here below is the KF 21 in orange, yellow and white finish, with the hotplate thermostat slider and coffee jug with open handle design.Propsummi Posted: Tue Dec 22, 2009t)

Nexus42: Here is the KF 20 in orange,  same version used in the nostromos kitchen, 
featuring the enclosed handle coffee jug. (Propsummi, Posted: Tue Dec 22, 2009t)

Nexus42:: Here a KF 20 in olive green. (PropsummitPosted: Tue Dec 22, 2009)


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    1. Ridley Scott's production department sure chose the best coffee makers for deep space journeys by the looks of it

  2. hahaha I'm watching that good old alien, and was wondering about if I can found some information about the coffe machine!

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  7. These are great time saver. However, I would only use a coffee makers for more than 10 cup coffee requirements in a day.... otherwise, I prefer to make the coffee manually!

    1. These were quite a wonder back in 1972 I suppose and to stick in a scif movie made in 1978. If I had one, I'd probably stick in a display case rather than use it