Alien: Chris Foss' Alien Temple Interior

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"Original Chris Foss concept sketch of the
Derelict Ship interior for Alien. The image
depicts a member of the Nostromo landing
party descending into a vast and ornate
sepulcher. The sketch shows Foss’ celebrated
skill while markedly devoid of the later influence
of H.R. Giger. Accomplished in pencil, ink and
gouache on 29 x 18 in. artist leaf. Handwritten
notations “Centre of the Tombe”, “Alien” and
“Chris Foss F 77” at the lower border. Verso
features a sticker in the upper left reading
 “Chris Foss – 7. Centre of the Tombe”. "
a) The vast temple interior created by Chris Foss had the look of something that was created for giants. The explorer lowers himself from the shaft above above a plinth that might be as large as a three or four story building and perhaps it looks as if it could easily be an oven with a kitchen chimney above it.

Chris Foss pyramid birth temple interior (this copy of the image was taken from
b) Vast shaft entrances on the side of the plinth might be the air intakes of huge long engines for airborne craft , the left might secretly be a representation of a strange creature with wide open maws and eyes on top of stalks that seem like siamese twin versions of military ships radar antennae. and long fins or wings sticking out of the back.

 Chris Foss' Alien Birth Temple (courtesy of Charles Lippincott at Facebook)

Chris Foss' Alien Birth Temple

c) See "Centre of the tombe" for Alien by Chris Foss (1977) references the Betty Hill star map and the cover of the Inspector comic book #10

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