Alien : HR Giger's Egg Silo Interior version I

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a) Reaching the first version
By 19th July, 1978, Giger's concept for an Egg Silo interior had evolved. This became version 1.
The egg wagons that had scooped up the eggs and transported them along a rail to the pipes had disappeared, along with their monorails, they had now been transformed into big pregnant capsules on the wall of the silo which Giger had decided were symbols of fertility. Above the capsules were entrance tubes coming down at the side rather than in the centre of a circular buildings, and a space for the hieroglyphics painting to be seen. (see also : Placement of Life Cycle Tableau )

Work 386 Egg Silo version I
b) Echoes of Foss
After comparing Chris Foss' elongated derelict ship and Giger's Egg Silo version I painting, it might be easy to assume that Giger had taken the general form of Foss' derelict as a starting point for the painting, and now the two slit windows on the pod from Foss' derelict that had translated themselves into a slightly different form in one of Moebius' earlier derelict designs has almost seem to crawl into Egg Silo version 1 as two slit like eye like spaces above the pod, or maybe such abstract bilateral forms protruding from the tops of various of Foss' structures that might be such things as engines or something similar to two rectangular radars fused together that might make one think of robot eyes or visors ( See Chris Foss' Alien temple interior and Chris Foss' derelict, 
and Moebius Alien spaceship concepts part 2)

Front pod from a derelict ship by Chris Foss'
front pod from Moebius derelict with eye like
spaces at the front inspired by Foss' derelict

Source Quotes
  1. HRGiger:19th July 1978, Shepperton Studios. Luckily the wretched idea of only having six eggs has been dropped. Scott somehow managed to persuade O'Bannon, or else he's simply acted on his own authority. The victory is followed by another defeat. During my absence someone has attacked me in the rear and had decided to do away with the big "pregnant" capsules (plate 386), the symbol of fertility in this set. The reason: ' They're superfluous." Superfluous? When Voysey, who has to be working in five places at once, has prepared a scale mdoel in meticulous detail (plates 386d and e)? I suppose I shall never master the secret of how such decisions are taken. It is getting clear to me that my creative capacity is slowly but surely being numbed. I'm still convinced that the best critic of an artist's work is the artist himself. (Giger's Alien, p44)
drawing with another variable for the egg silo interior
with pregnant capsule to the side of the entrance shafts
from Giger's Alien Diaries
sketch from Giger's Alien
sketch from Giger's Alien
sketch from Giger's Alien

from Giger's Alien Diaries

c) Voysey creates miniature
Peter Voysey had been busy created a 1/25th scale model of the silo interior, however despite his work on this,  in Giger's absence the pregnant capsules were declared superfluous and the entrance tubes disappeared as well 

Segment of 1/25th Model of egg silo

1/25th egg silo version 1 model from Alien Legacy documentary

1/25th egg silo version 1 model from Alien Legacy documentary

1/25th Model of egg silo

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