HR Giger's ZDF references the cover artwork for Tomita - Bolero?

Tomita's Bolero cover and Giger's "ZDF" work 433 (1980)
leading from

a) ZDF (work 433) (1980) by HR Giger.

Giger's "ZDF" work 433 (1980)
b) The cover of Tomita - Bolero (released 1980) by Barron Storey.

After Isao Tomita's death on the 5th of May was reported on the 8th May 2016. Days later  on the13th of May 2016, I suddenly realised that Tomita Bolero album cover was being referenced in ZDF, a woman holding a long elongated object, perhaps the bars of music,  amidst the wavy forms that could be a river in a virtual landscape.

This use of the album cover I believe also connects with the use of the ceiling of the Hypostyle in the temple of Hathor, which presents a mythological star map

Tomita's Bolero cover (12 inch cover 1980)

c) The wave forms might have transformed into the fleshy curved shape with with the letters ZDF seen on it

d) Waves and curved organic form with ZDF letters written on it, while the long strands of fabric become the arm reach down to the right.

e) Head and arm of dancer in the Tomita- Bolero album artwork and the equivalent in ZDF

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