Giger's Alien Heads (work 509) (1983) references
Villemot's "Perrier C'est Fou...." poster (1979) ?

Bernard Villemot's Perrier... C'est Fou... (1979) and Giger's Alien Heads (work 509) (1983

leading from

a) Suspicions
1979 , Bernard Villemot's poster for Perrier featuring multiple people together overlayed holding bottles of Perrier was released. In the middle of October 2016, since I worked out that Giger appeared to have shown interest in Bernard Villemot's Paris 3.4.5 - Oct. 1955- VI Congrès International des clubs de publicité poster when he painted Necronom IV, I looked at this Perrier C'est Fous poster from time to time realising that Giger would have been interested in it.

b) Initial speculatons
This had the makings of another Giger painting with it's crescent shapes and human limbs everywhere forming a brightly coloured mass of limbs. 
If Giger was going to reference it, he was going to have to take a part of it and present it in the most unlikely way that interested him. I looked for limbs and crescent shapes together and looking at the year the Perrier poster was released 1979, it would have to be somewhere in time after that.

c) Hunting for the Giger painting. 23rd October 2016
c.i) I looked at "Alien heads" and couldn't really see much of a connection, other than the crescent shaped broken up sometimes with slashes going through it or layers revealing themselves, and I thought that the Perrier's posters main crescent shaped had these other crescents within. Already I had decided that never the less one connected with the other. Then I also took a look at how some of the labels on the bottles are shown from the side. Resting on the left dip of the middle alien head would be perhaps the head with the peaked cap. There are other suggestions of limbs etcetera throughout the painting, but perhaps it is not easy to claim that any specific limb from Villemot's poster is any particular shape in the Giger painting. It's as if roughly the humans have transforming into slug like versions of the bottles of Perrier that they're so enthuastic about. Of course having considered this, there ought to be at least a couple of other artworks to consider as other reference for this painting

c.ii) side view of label from right bottle and comparable shape in the central alien head.

c.iii) full on view of label from left bottle and comparable

c.iv) full on view of label from left bottle and comparable shapes 

c.v) head with peaked cap and comparable shape
  roughly comparable crescent shapes


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