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30th April 2016
1) Corrected the sentence "Giger received his phonecall and then called Mia Bonzanigo that he wants her to be his secretary" adding "to tell her" after the name Mia Bonzanigo on Alien production timeline February 1978. How the words were left out seems like a mystery, but such is my relationship with computer typing I suppose.

29th April 2016
1) Updated HR Giger's Spell ii (work-238) with comparisons to the image from the Jack Kirby comic book The Demon
2) Updated Alien Studio environments: Giger's work studio, Shepperton Studios having found the painting that was on the door of Giger's studio in the place known as the boiler room

27th April 2016

26th April 2016
New patch for Alien Covenant is shown on Twitter. It appears to show the wings associated with the Arc of the Covenant and one might wonder what this is all about.

25th April 2016
Added note to Alien production timeline March 1978 being involved in the Shepperton's board of directors and being aware of Alien coming into production.

24th April 2016
Fleshed out the Alien "people index"

22nd April 2016
1) Re-wrote parts of The Space Jockey's telescope references"Martian Dali equipped with a double holoelectronic microscope"? to explore further the comparison between the Dali illustration and the telescope mount and then realised something curious about a certain a concept sketch for Alien by Chris Foss that fitted into the subject here.

19th April 2016
1) Added Giger's Mirror Image (1977) references Robert Venosa's Enlightenment (1976)
2) Added index page for Robert Venosa

14th April 2016
1) Added Gleeson's The Nerve Garden (1946) inspired Giger's Mordor VI which is interesting because Gleeson had based a painting on a work that's based on another of his own paintings
2) Added Gleeson's The Nerve Garden borrows structural elements from Steiner-Prags The Golem illustration "Vice"

12th April 2016
1) Added Dalinian rock formation with mollusc eye in Bosch's Garden of Earthly Delights
2) Added an index page for everything connected with Dali's The Great Masturbator
3) Added Giger's Mordor vi inspires elements of Gleeson's Cape Carnivoral, : Mordor VI's comparison to James Gleeson's later Cape Carnivoral from 1985 to suggest that Gleeson was aware of Giger's work as something worthy of referencing while it may seem that Giger found Gleeson's work worth referencing when he came to painting Mordor VII, which actually is quite curious to think about.

8th April 2016
1) Added a page: Merging Steiner Prag's "At the master's grave" and Gleeson's "The sower" for Giger's Mordor VII showing how Gleeson's The Sower appears to take Steiner-Prag's illustration for The Golem "At the Master's Grave" as a foundation which he reworks with his own imagery, and then Giger takes both, and makes a painting inspired by a sort of a merger between the two. Perhaps there's another painting to look for but I am not sure. 
2) Added a page: Points of comparison between Steiner-Prag's "At the Master's Grave" and Gleeson's The Sower 
3) Updated the section about Independence Day's biomechanoid suit with new quotes from Patrick Tatopoulos from Scifi Now about his work on that film

6th April 2016
1) Added Aliens: alien queens elbow
This one seems to be a bit of a problem for me. I'm looking at it and it's easy to deny the value of it and then I'm happy about it. But as far as I am concerned, I'm looking at how Gleeson's picture from 1981 with something very similar to the Alien's arm from seems to have ideas within it that remind me of elements of Cameron's Alien Queen's arm and there might be much more to explore. I'd rather not have seen the similarities at all, but if you can see where I'm coming from with it, that's enough.
Okay, found out about a 1947 painting "The Sower" by an Australian artist James Gleeson that one might wonder if Giger referenced for his Mordor VII one way or another. If he did, there might be the odd question about how he should have found out about it at all. I admit that at the moment I'm having trouble trying to describe the various items and creatures in Gleeson's painting, references to it on the internet have been with very vague descriptions too.

5th April 2016
Updated Mordor VII (work 283) 1975 with information about comparisons between this painting and James Gleeson's The Sower.

4th April 2016
Updated Alien: Organic box like thing with a transcription of a segment of a Pod-cast interview of Charles De Lauzirika airing his views on the matter in general on the "Movie Heaven and Movie Hell: Ep 20 Extra: Charles De Lauzirika" podcast. There are other instances of Charles De Lauzirika airing his views about the subject on Facebook in the discussions on Charles Lippincott's Facebook page but in the podcast it seemed to be a comfortable open statement from him about his views on the matter.

However the subject from my point of view still is a very complicated matter, because it's a general point of view that Walter Simonson is being said to not have an accurate memory of what he saw in the rough cut of the movie when he illustrated the comic book and that an article in Famous Monsters of Filmland that supposedly indirectly quotes Dan O'Bannon about what he said about the scene, was talking a load of cobblers but was inspired by the comic book. But beyond this, still no direct evidence has been found that the scene was filmed.

But I remain interested in what Walter Simonson had seen in the movie and what someone like Charles De Lauzirika has as a view about the matter and if he has a different view of the matter on another day of the week or month of the year and it might still be one to question the reality of the scene, I'd be always happy to know about it.

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