Alien vs Predator:
The Hybrid Chestburster

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The hybrid chestburster

Alien vs Predator "Pre-Alien hybrid" chestburster

The Alien/Predator hybrid chestburster makes its appearance at the end of Alien vs Predator. The director Paul Anderson didn't expect this end shot to lead to what would become the beginning of the story of following film Alien vs Predator Requiem, but it would happen never the less. He also abbreviated the name of the thing to  "Pred-Alien hybrid" and curiously Predalien would stick when the sequel came. The final design as seen in the maquette replica photo reflects very much the concept work drawn by Patrick Tatopoulos , one of the illustrators working on the film.
( see also: Alien/Predator hybrid maquette sculpted by Akihito Ikeda)

concept design by Patrick Tatopoulos

Source Quote
  1. Paul W.S. Anderson: I also wanted to introduce the Pred-Alien hybrid, which is a very cool feature of the comic books (Total Film #95, p103)

Sideshow's maquette replica

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