Alien vs Predator: Farzad Varahramyan's Predaliens

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Farzad Varahramyan was hired by ADI to create concept art for the Predalien. We find several sketches and a painting. The mandibles are elongated with long teeth. The sketches feature the creature with a bulbous cranium that is not very elongated in comparison to the ones that we often see, but this creature has long finger like projections coming out of the back instead of the typical spines that hang down the side of the Predator's head like dreadlocks.

Farzad also created a painting of the Predalien, the lower mandibles have teeth running along them and what appears to be a tendon running beneath it. He decided to give his version of the creature a long tale with a scorpion's stinger at the end.

Hybrid 009
Hybrid 010
Farzad's Predalien face

  1. Shiny dome on "Face" transitions into bony ridged  dome
  2. Larger face proportions, more powerful mandibles
  3. Law jaw has dual fangs   (10-06-June)

Predalien with spidery finger dreadlocks
Hybrid 011 Further developed version of above drawing (11-06-June)

Hybrid 007 Acid Tipped stingers extend on demand and are whipped around
 by head action (27-05-March)

image 2) The Mandibles shoot out like the alien tongue
image 4) i) shorter head, ii) alien dome mimics predator helmet,
iii) dreadlocks are tipped with acid loaded stingers

Hybrid 021 Upper body of predalien

Hybrid 026  Predalien with humanoid inner face

Predalien, likely to be by Farzad

Predalien, likely to be by Farzad

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