Prometheus - The Return of the Space Jockey

1) Prelude
1. a) See: Coming of an alien prequel

2) See: A New Beast
2.a) Questions about New Alien Design,
3.b) Questions about Giger's involvement 
3.a) Mysterious reference to DNA, 
3.b) DNA as script writing term,

3c) See: Prometheus: here comes The Juggernaut! (Separate page)
- The idea about a film on the Space Jockey starts to grow-
d) DNA as part of the story 

4) The name of the film
6) The New Weyland
6.i) See: Guy Pearce plays Pete Weyland in a viral promotional video

 7) Story of a man/ "higher being" against the gods

 8) Von Daniken's ideas
8.ii)  See:  Ancient Mayan Space Jockey 'Star Map' Tablet
a) The Invitation via The Tomb of Pakal Votan,   
b) Von Daniken's Point of view,  
c) Existing Mythology behind tomb lid of Pakal Votan,   
d) Another relief
8.iii) See: Ancient Sumerian Engineer 'Star-Map' Tablet


  1. The more i read about the prequel the more i'm beginning to dislike it :( I'm not looking forward to it at all as i feel this film will ruin a lot of the mysteries surrounding Alien that attracts me.

  2. I'm still not happy about the planetoid orbiting Zeta II Reticuli. I just wish the reference remained a part of the babble that Ridley thought was meaningless

  3. I watched the film in IMAX 3D on it's opening midnight show and was thrilled. I've given it a few days to sink in now and for my thoughts to reflect on what I saw with clarity. I believe in a few years people will look back on Prometheus as a modern masterpiece. I feel that it didn't try to copy Alien as much as reference it and gave us a fresh experience. It seems to focus more on the aspects that made Alien so interesting in it's first 30 minutes than the cat n' mouse horror of it's latter half, which has been so done to death in film these days. What we get is something that's more adventure than horror, and something which greatly expands on the mythos. It changes how I view the events depicted in Alien in an ironic way when considering what is revealed about the relationship of the Space Jockey to us. Maybe not so 'Alien' after all?

  4. Well, in years to come, I suppose I'll just imagine the Space Jockey in the derelict and the Engineers in their space suits and the Juggernaut being not so directly connected as one might be led to think. The Space Jockey for me is a very strange giant extra-terrestrial wearing indeed a space suit while the Engineers are a race of tall humans who dress up as the Space Jockey and wear helmets that vaguely resemble his head, as if it were some sort of a cult ritual and the Engineers indeed have a connection with the human race going back aeons. I suppose that I tend to imagine that they hijacked the Space Jockey's technology, and if the whole relationship between the two becomes more and more just about as explainable as the reality of an Escher drawing, that might be a step forwards for me.