July 2017

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July 25th 2017
i) Added:  HR Giger's Evolution Chinoise (1981-1984)
ii) Added: HR Giger's Evolution Chinoise (1981-1984) references Radio Times cover from 16-22 July 1983

July 24th 2017
i) Added: Carceri Series, Plate XIV, (1745) by Giovanni Battista Piranesi, The Marriage of the Emperor Frederick Barbarossa (Completion Date: 1751) Giovanni Battista Tiepolo. and Nightmare (1791) Henry Fuseli to 18th century works inspired by the Henu Barque?
ii) Added: Sylvain Despretz's Skullship concept art for the unmade Superman Lives (1997)
to 20th century works inspired by the Henu Barque?
iii) Added: Giger's Passage Temple Entrance references mural from tomb of Pharoah Seti I (KV17)? 
iv) Added:  Giger's Evolution Chinoise 1981-1984 (work 562) references Kieth Michell's "Alice in Wonderland" cover for the Radio Times (27th March and 2nd April 1982)

July 23rd 2017
i) Added: Prometheus: Ridley Scott's appreciation of the Martian technology in "Quatermass And The Pit" 

July 22nd 2017
i) Added: Prometheus/Alien Covenant: Early Neomorph comes from the Quatermass And The Pit apemen ghosts.

July 13th 2017
i) Added: "Space Jockey" by Falcon for Thiokol which is part of the Henu Barque trail here. 

July 12th 2017
i) I am continuing to think about how Alien Covenant could be explained. I am having thoughts about how the film took place in a reality that was a fractured simulation. That conflicting scenarios would form, and while the biomechanoid appears to be part of the story, in one version of reality, the engineers have created the alien creature but anyone could enter that reality and fool themselves into believing that they created the creature if necessary. The Engineers have been slaughtered in one version of reality, but not all of them. Here we have David who appears to be a sort of extension of Peter Weyland, who appears to have been fooled into thinking that he has created this creature. Reality, as Prometheus appears to have pointed out, is a hologram.  He is blind to his own fractured reality, as are the rest apart from Walter who might have had more to say if he hung around the planet long enough. There might be other creators of the alien still to come out of further cracks in the walls of perception. Of course, who or what walked out still functioning from the fight between Walter and David can barely be understood.
ii) I have bought the new Cinefex today with the Alien Covenant article and have started reading, not happy about the lack of an Alien Covenant cover for the magazine. I didn't want to see the Raccoon from Guardians of the Galaxy on the cover really.

July 11th 2017
i) Realisation that there's a Antoni Gaudi connection somehow with Necronom VI but yet to work out how. Perhaps the human's head dress is the thing or there is something else. That painting's mysteries are generally still locked up and I'm still trying to work them out.

July 8th 2017
i) Added: Alien Vs Predator: Requiem: Dreaming of an Alien King
ii) Added: Elements of Otto Dix's Skat Player integrated into Necronom VII
iii) Starting to pick up an echo of a thought that despite Ridley Scott's enthusiasm for Goblin Sharks being the source of the Neomorph idea, these ghostly pale Neomorph things from Alien Covenant brought over from the Prometheus production's concept, probably connects also with the idea of the ghost of a deformed dwarf that came out of the wall of the space capsule in Quatermass And The Pit that was only mentioned but not seen and Ridley was thinking about Quatermass And The Pit when he made Prometheus, there's a possibility. The earlier version of these Neomorphs appeared bodies that seem almost liquid . Since Nigel Kneale's work is to be praised as holy ground, now that starts giving some value to the idea of the Neomorph thing rather than than just poohpoohing it as a Carlos Huante concept that has nothing to do with anything that I can imagine. It wasn't exactly dwarf sized in Alien Covenant when it grew to the adult size though. However the dwarf would have been a sort of a ghost of a caveman from five million years earlier.

July 4th 2017
i) Added: "A surrealist family has the neighbors in to tea" - Cartoon from the New Yorker 2nd January 1937 by Carl Rose references E.L. Kirchner's "Studio of Painter"?
ii) Added: E.L. Kirchner's "Studio of Painter" (1929) references the Papyrus of Ani's Henu Barque?

July 2nd 2017
i) Taken all the things developed from Necronom IV away from The Development of Giger's Necronom IV and gave them a separate page "Other things developed from Necronom IV"

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