June 2017

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June 2017
30th June 2017
i) Added: A Battery Shelled by Wyndham Lewis. (1919) references Delville's Treasures of Satan?
ii) Added: Otto Dix's Skat players: Card Playing War Invalids(1920) (Exploring its connections with Delville's "The Treasures of Satan", Dürer's "Jesus Among The Teachers" etc) 

29th June 2017
i) Added: HR Giger's "For Judith" (work 512) references Ralph Steadman illustration from Radio Times 15-21 July 1978?
ii) Added : Medieval to Renaissance paintings incorporating the Henu Barque ? and will be continuing to edit this page.
iii) Added: Leonardo Da Vinci's Mona Lisa incorporates the Henu Barque?

26th June 2017
i) Added: Skullship by Sylvain Despretz for the unmade Superman Lives echoes Giger's pipework and Akira?
ii) I have to say at this time it's quite hard to write anything about Alien: Covenant, although I've collected all the interviews,  noticed the Isle of the Dead connection and reference source for a drawing or two and noticed connections with various things to do with rings in the titles. Hopefully I will have something more to realise. Perhaps I want to see an extended cut of the movie, since it's been said by one of the concept artists in an interview that that it's been so stripped away that the metaphors in the film have been lost. I haven't have a proper face to face conversation with anyone who's seen the movie yet oddly enough and perhaps there isn't much to talk about apart from walking around in circles because the confusion of it all. Is there something like a Tintin story or two that will explain everything? However in the mean time I have been gaining ground with the Henu Barque hunting, and now have a slightly better perspective of the oddity of that subject even if it might not be much of one at all..

23rd June 2017
i) Added: HR Giger's Landscape Work 411 references the cover of Radio Times 18-24 November 1978?

10th June 2017
i) Added: Alien: The Development of Alien by way of Tintin? as an index and summary of articles to do with the Tintin-Alien connection.

9th June 2017
i) Added Alien: Triangle image from original Alien script references "The Adventures of Tintin: The Black Island"?

5th June 2017
i) Added Alien Covenant: A David's nightmare illustration wth two fgures in a womb (by Matt Hatton) references Mark Rothko's painting Gesthemane?
(Had a bit of trouble working out who did the picture, though it was Dane Hallet but it turned out to be Matt Hatton, but already their names are beginning to merge together)

4th June 2017
i) Had the realisation that the painting hanging in the Vatican called Resurrezione di San Francesco al Prato (1499) by Pietro Perugino oddly looks as if the Henu Barque has been incorporated, as if sharing in the same mystical fads of the time as Leonardo Da Vinci. The next point of realisation is that Jean Delville took notice of the connections when he painted Treasures of Satan (No page yet)

3rd June 2017
i) Added: Biomechanoid with three heads (work 508) (1983)  (references Radio Times 2nd-8th June 1979)
ii) I've been tryng to look at the whole concept of the backburster scene as seen in the trailer. It does seem as if Gunther Von Hagens' body plasiticizing is a key thing in David's work room, and then perhaps final alien has qualities of such plasticized corpses too. Since we have this backburster scene in the landing shuttle which explores the idea of the back ribcage and spine being pushed out, one might wonder if he's turning into a mutant. With the spine being pushed out, I wonder if it's just about the idea of looking at the possibilities of the human anatomy after something such as the Body World's exhibition which has been popular in the past. The most noticeable plasticized body usually have their spine removed, but the back ribs look interesting. (No page yet)

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