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30th May 2017
i) Added: Star Wars 38 - Riders In Void  as an echo of Alien

29th May 2017
i) Rewrote and made a separate page for the development of Ridley's idea about having a film about a Space Jockey character, and how early there were signs that it would be someone in a suit. See:  Prometheus: Here Comes The Juggernaut!

28th May 2017
i) Added:  Man Ape by Frank Frazetta (1975)
So I've now made a separate page for Frank Frazetta's Man-Ape painting for Conan which appears to have been painted in 1975 and which I think was referenced in Giger's Mordor IV.

However a little while I go I suddenly noticed something about where the Man-Ape composition was coming from which might give a clue about why Giger appeared to use it. I think it was another one of these paintings that looks as if it referenced Jean-Delville's Treasures of Satan and also Chagall's Icarus painted in 1975 which also seems to reference Treasures of Satan

24th May 2017
i) Added: Alien Covenant: Terrace with garden by Wayne Haag (Homage to Arnold Böcklin's Isle of the Dead)
ii) Had a sudden realisation today that the original Arnie Böcklin's Isle of the Dead appeared to reference the Henu Barque in abstract ways, perhaps the one from the Papyrus of Ani. Not sure what's going on there. But of course, why not?

23rd May 2017
i) Added: Alien Covenant: Creature face by Dan Hallett
ii) Managed to buy the Alien Covenant novelisation and the behind the scenes book on the movie from The Forbidden Planet

21st May 2017
i) Added: Alien: HR Giger's Alien Life Cycle Tableau painting references Radio Times May 16th 1968 FA Cup Final cover illustration 
ii) Added: Mondoshawan concept for Luc Besson's "The Fifth Element" by Patrice Garcia (1992)

18th May 2017
I suddenly notice that the picture mentioned yesterday is referenced in Giger's Samurai.
(No page here yet)

17th May  2017
I find Antoine Valentin Jumel de Noireterre's Le Duel posted up at the Fantastic Art group on Facebook by Christian De Boeck and suddenly realise that this painting would be been referenced in Ernt Fuchs'  Triumph Of The Unicorn. (No page here yet)

16th May 2017
I went to see the movie Alien: Covenant for the second time. I noticed the homage to Bocklin's Isle of the Dead with the poplar trees swinging in the breeze. What there is to make of it , might be another matter still.

14th May 2017
Updated Alien: No, no eyes! with a fragment from an interview with ToryMax

12th May 2017
i) Added: HR Giger's HP Lovecraft's Visit (work 401) references Radio Times Doctor Who photo collage page from 7th May 1970
ii) I went to see Alien Covenant on the IMAX screen today and thought it was a bit of an odd movie. Not quite sure what to say about all the CGI in it, but perhaps I might have appreciated a 3D version more.

11th May 2017
i) Added: Mysteries of "The Adventures of Tintin and Red Rackam's Treasure" as an index page for anything to do with the Unicorn
ii) Added: Alien: Ron Cobb's Derelict Ship Concepts references the Unicorn shipwreck

9th May 2017

8th May 2017
i) Updated Sylvain Despretz's Skullship Concept Art adding comparisons to Salvador "Dali's Atmospheric Skull Sodomizing A Piano" and the Mondoshawan from "The Fifth Element". Yesterday was the 20th Anniversary of the Fifth Element and I noticed the connection.
ii) Added: The design of the Mondoshawan from "The Fifth Element" references the Papyrus if Ani's Henu-Barque?

7th May 2017
i) After reading the reviews and thinking about the interviews for Alien Covenant, I'm half wondering if the next Alien film will surely ask the question about whether Paul McCartney was the Space Jockey and if John Lennon was the alien egg! I honestly would rather that the Space Jockey was a member of a strange alien species in a biomechanoid suit and that his alien cargo was born out of alchemical magic mixed with biology and technology, and that there were many dozens of these derelict ships carrying their cargo through vast spans of time with an idea about there being somewhere in the future that they know about from mathematical predictions and they could see into the future through their telescope. Changing the space jockey into a suit for a humanoid and the fact that suit didn't seem to be very much like the one in Alien seemed slightly silly to the degree that I don't consider the Engineers and the Space Jockey from the original Alien to be of the same civilisation, and others have felt that way too. Of course I'm yet to see this film and as usual with Ridley's work, I will most probably like it.
ii) Very glad to find out that Arthur Lee has managed to say a few words on which pieces of work he did for Alien Resurrection. With that I've been able to steer my brain around the situation and sort out the page a bit. See: Alien Resurrection: Alien Warrior Concepts by Art Lee

iii) Included comparison between part of Giger's N.Y. City IX Jahreswechsel (1980-1981?) (work 459) and an illustration from Radio Times for the Billy Smart's Easter Circus from 27th March 1978 to N.Y. City IX Jahreswechsel (1980-1981?) (work 459) references Illustration by David Smith from Radio Times 23rd February - 1st March 1980  and so the title of the page was lengthened to include this information
iv) Added: Independence Day alien suit concept references the Unicorn shipwreck from "The Adventures of Tintin and Red Rackham's Treasure" 
v) Added: Shipwreck from "The Adventures of Tintin and Red Rackham's Treasure" references the Henu Barque. Yes, there seems to be this conspiracy to get the Henu Barque into the public eye in as many hidden forms as possible as you will come to see, if you have not see already.

4th May 2017
The Premiere of Alien Covenant took place. Naturally I wasn't invited and didn't get invited along to any press viewings either. I will see it probably on the day it comes out in England on the 12th. Would like to go earlier if possible

3rd May 2017
Made a connection between the sunken shipwreck from Tintin and Red Rackham's Treasure story, but didn't make a blog page for it. This is interesting thought because this Tintin story appears to have been roughly used in the Alien plot and so the shipwreck became the derelict ship which also became a Henu Barque. It appears to be a symbol that's an ultimate force in itself as people try to find ways of incorporating it almost as if not doing so meant the end of the world. Perhaps we will find out why people have been doing this in realistic terms. If I watch the video for the Secret and there they have a shot of someone pretending to be Leonardo Da Vinci busily scribbling away trying to work out the Secret, I'm much more likely to think that he was secretly doodling a Henu Barque instead, and I will reveal later on why I should be saying that..

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