Blomkamp's Alien 5 concept art

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a) Blomkamp's concept art

So Neill hired his own concept artists and fleshed his entire movie concept out, some of which he released to publicise his project on the internet, featuring such things as a derelict ship held inside a huge warehouse, a space station complex, the already dead character Hicks somehow returned with a heavily scarred face, a leech like facehugger and Ripley dressed up with the aliens shoulders and headgear based on the alien's head, had she somehow merged with the form of an alien, or perhaps the alien side of Ripley 8 had started to replace the human form, but in one image it is said that she is a space jockey which is fair enough in the context it looks almost like a space helmet and the term Space Jockey is just a scifi term for a space pilot, but still the question one might ask is what all of this this about? 
Does Ripley pilot the derelict ship? 
Ripley in a biomechanic pilot suit
What looks like the exterior of a space station complex is revealed to be the exterior of a building? (art by Geoffroy Thoorens)
The exterior of a building? (art by Geoffroy Thoorens)
The inside of a space station? (art by Geoffroy Thoorens)
Alien queen on the loose  (art by Geoffroy Thoorens)

The remains of a derelict ship inside a space station? 
Melted or covered in mucus ? (art by Geoffroy Thoorens)

b) Confusion about the return of Hicks

c) The return of Bishop or Bishop 2?
Is that Bishop or Bishop 2 wrapped in the alien goo?



  1. someone recently noted that the derelict was damaged by volcanic activity. this appears not to be the derelict but the jugg from prometheus.

    what do you think?

    1. Well, thankyou, that's possible a good question. This seems to be a derelict ship of some sort, whether it's the one from Alien or perhaps might be the Juggernaut and something odd has happened to it or is it another discovered somewhere in the depths of space? If it is the Alien derelict, is the hammer head arm of the ship broken, tidied up and simply supported by the scaffolding and the artist hasn't gone into enough detail in the image to show what is happening? Why is this one covered in the strange web or resin, or has it been partially melted by the explosion at Hadley's Hope? Are we supposed to have any sort of a clue? Oh what questions we have!

    2. The derelict as seen in Aliens was damaged by volcanic activity, which is why the Jordan's went in through the crack down the side of the hull instead of through one of the orifaces at the stern.