Spaihts musings on the Space Jockey

c) The space jockey appears

"At the beginning of “Alien,” for instance, members of the ship Nostromo explore the wreckage of an abandoned space craft, and discover the remains of a large, unknown alien whose ribs appear to have exploded from the inside out. (You may well know the rest.)

This unfortunate, otherworldly victim was “part of another species of alien greater that our own,” said Spaihts. “All the mysteries have alien players: the exoskeleton nightmare and giant pilot of the ship, the elephantine titan that was called the ‘space jockey’ in the fan literature. How do you make anyone care about events between creatures like this?” It is, indeed, hard enough to get audiences to care about human characters in a story. "(http://www.forbes.com5/01/2012 )

N.B. i)  The fact that Jon Spaihts makes a reference to the space jockey being "called the ‘space jockey’ in the fan literature" is a bit obscure when it's commonly known that this is what the entity was called by the production team of the original Alien movie. We might ask whether he isn't used to being interviewed or perhaps he really didn't know anything about the behind the scenes world of the production of the Alien movie.

ii) Another note, whether Ridley Scott realises or not that Prometheus was a Titan rather than a Demigod, Spaihts makes a reference to the space jockey being a titan in the context of  "an elephantine titan",

With the word Elephantine, is he talking about the space jockey being a creature of huge size or is he  percieving the Space Jockey's breathing pipe to be a breathing pipe that ends in a filter like structure at the base of the ribcage but instead as an elephant trunk as depicted in the comic books.

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